Confolens hotels

We live in the hamlet of Le Breuil, which is within

walking distance of our village of Montrollet. Here you will find

a charming restaurant where you will be able to relax and

unwind while sitting on the terrase with picturesque views

over the lake.

Although not a large city, Limoges is famous for its porcelain and you can visit the museum to see the artists at work as well as to purchase some of the fine china available. The Cathedrale St Etienne was built in the 13th century and

is well worth a visit

The catherdral city of Angouleme with its varied history has been fought over many times, mainly on religious grounds.  The Bishops Palace has been taken over as an art museum.  Its a great place to visit with lot of interest to eat, drink and soak up the atmosphere.

The town of Rochechouart features a magnificent

chateau which is open to the general public and was

once owned by the Viscount of Rochechouart. The

chateau is now home to a small but fascinating

work of modern art, focusing mainly on the work

of Raoul Haussman.


There was a Nazi attack upon the martyr town of Oradour-sur-Glane in the Haute-Vienne Department of France, on Saturday the 10th of June 1944. This atrocity was carried out by soldiers of the Der Führer Regiment of the 2nd Waffen-SS Panzer Division, Das Reich. On that day they killed a total of 642 men, women and children without giving any reasons for their actions and to this day there is no universally accepted explanation for the massacre. There is a museum and this part of the village has been preserved for tourists. See photos below:-

We are situated next to Brigueuil Forest which features some excellent

tracks (chemins) for those wishing to discover the countryside on foot

or by bike (velo).     You can follow La Mandragore which is a 90km

trek of tracks and roads through villages, stopping at various bars

en route.  There are also a numerous supply of lakes for those who

are keen to fish, particularly carp.  If interested we can always make

reservations for you.

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