Facials using Liz Earle Products

Express Facial (cleansing, exfoliation, comedons, moisturise)   € 18.50
Holistic Facial (cleaning, exfoliation, comedons, masque, moisturise with an Indian Head massage) € 26.50
De-Luxe Facial (all of the above including serum treatment)     €29.50


Eyelash Tinting and Shaping (black, brown, blue/black, grey)

Eyebrow shape       € 6,50
Eyebrow Tinting (patch test required minimum of 24 hrs  prior to treatment)€7,50 
Eyebrow shape and tinting   €12,00
Eyelash tinting (patch test required minimum of 24 hrs  prior to treatment)   €10,50
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting    €16,00
Manicure and Pedicure (using Orly products)

Express Pedicure – cleansing spa, massage, filing and cutting of nails, choice of Orly varnish, moisturise    €16,00
De-Luxe Pedicure – all of the above including foot massage, callouse treatment, cuticle treatment and paraffin wax treatment   €26,50
Express Manicure  - filing and shaping and choice of Orly varnish, moisturise €14,00
De-Luxe Manicure – all of the above including hot mitt treatment, cuticle treatment, hand massage and moisturise     €24,50
French Manicure €3.00  


Gelish Gel Varnish

An extra €12 in additional to the above treatments.

An extra €6 for Gelish Nail Strengthening/Nourishing treatment

Nail jewellery/tattoo - €1 per item

Removal of Gelish gel (hands or toes) €6

Removal of gel varnish (not Gelish) €8

Removal of Gelish gel and re-application of Gelish range €4

Gelish extensions - €48



Basic bikini    € 8,00
High bikini     € 11,00
Underarm      € 8,00
Half Leg         € 11.00
Full Leg          € 19,00
Arm               € 8,00
Eyebrow         € 6,00
Lip                 € 5,00
Chin               € 4,00
Lip and Chin    € 8,00
Massage (relaxing and stress free using Neals Yard organic oils -consultation prior to treatment is required)

Full Body (1 hour)           €35.00
Back, neck and shoulders (30 minutes) €20,00 

Aromatherapy  (Using essential oils specifically selected for each client).

(Please Note: in order to assure maximum benefit of essential oils, it is advised not to bathe for a minimum period of 12 hours after treatment.

Full Body (1 hour)  €40,00 
Back, neck and shoulders (30 minutes) €25,00