2017 has been an exceptional year for us, having been almost fully booked with the help of booking.com, we found ourselves completely overwhelmed with guests, which was great and I found myself spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking evening meals, which I love to do....


We acquired some woodland adjacent to our garden comprising of oak and chestnut, with lovely views over the valley.    Now for 2018 we will be starting a 'grand' project.... a tree house.   Andrew has always wanted to build a tree house after we built the Tower a few years ago and now here's his chance.    We're looking to build a Tower within the trees, it will be on one level with a very large terrace/balcony and will also feature a fuselage!   Although he's been watching George Clarks Amazing Spaces so who knows what we will have!  A couple of 'pods' that look like beehives will also be constructed.  Also within the next couple of years we will be installing a proper sized swimming pool to cater for additional guests.

The weather this year has been extremely hot and for many weeks we had no rain, which resulted in the grass turning yellow and the plants wiltering.  It was good though for spending some time in the swimming pool and all of our guests took good advantage of this. 


We have our own dog called Millie who receives lots of attention from guests, which she thoroughly enjoys and loves to greet all of the guests who arrive.


We are looking forward to welcoming all of our guests in 2018 with some warm sunshine, a very pleasant stay and some really good home cooking and of course a glass of wine or two!!

A bientot